Following the 50/50 concept in sugaring is vital to get the best results and improve the condition of your skin. Here’s more about it and why it is so important.    
From 12th April until 23rd April I will be offering personalised one-on-one FREE sugaring consultations online. The consultations are for anyone considering sugaring, has had sugaring, or those who have used other forms of hair removal and are unhappy with their skin condition.    
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From 22nd February – 12th March I am offering personalised one-on-one FREE CONSULTATIONS! Book early so you don’t miss out!    
Detoxification is a great way to get your body cleaned from harmful unnecessary things and give it a fresh start in order to feel better and boost your overall well-being. A lot of people are very critical whenever the word ‘detox’ is used but if it is done correctly, it can only be beneficial to
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