About our Massage

At White Willow we incorporate unique techniques to our massage selection as we know how important it is to apply a holistic element to all our treatments. We provide treatments ranging from relaxation to sports therapy massage, deep tissue and Indian head massage.

Massage benefits people of all ages physically by relieving stiffness and pain, treating acute or chronic injury and emotionally by relieving stress and anxiety. This promotes relaxation, calmness and a feeling of tranquility.

Massage aids detoxification, sinus and headache relief, increased oxygen and nutrient flow to vital organs to enhance your overall feeling of health, vitality and well-being.

Deep breathing techniques with a range of 100% plant based essential oil blends are available (where applicable), and recommended to aid relaxation and help you to tune out and completely de-stress. A stretching guide email is given to all massage clients to increase stretching techniques that can be performed from home. I will specifically tailor stretching techniques for all massage clients.

Please sign in 10 min early for your appointment to allow for this time.

Please fill out our online consultation form if:

  • You have not been to White Willow Skincare Clinic for massage treatment over the last 6 months.
  • This is your first time visiting White Willow Skincare Clinic for a treatment.

Sending us online consultation form before your treatment means that we will have more time to spend on your treatment in the salon so that you get the best from your experience with us! 

White Willow Signature Massage

90min - €145 / €175 with Erica
75min - €115
30min - €75

A unique blend of massage techniques including trigger point therapy, Indian head massage, deep tissue, stretching and holistic combinations.

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage

60min - €100
30min - €70

A specialised massage tailored specifically to an area of concern to treat both chronic and acute ailments.

Indian Head Massage

60min - €105 (includes back)
30min - €75

A very beneficial massage and deeply relaxing treatment for any built up tension and pain relief in the neck and head areas.

Hot Stone Massage

60min - €115
30min - €75

Perfect treatment to relieve muscular aches and pains with the use of warm basalt stones and combination or relaxing massage techniques.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

60min - €95

A gentle detox massage to remove all the excess liquids and toxins from the body. Highly recommended as a part of your health and wellness routine.

Aromatherapy Massage

60min - €95
30min - €70

Gentle pressure. Pampering and deeply relaxing massage with added benefits of a blend of essential oils tailored to your specific needs.


45min - €75

A complementary therapy that effectively promotes deep relaxation and wellbeing by reducing stress. A very individual treatment which is tailored to r own needs.


60min - €85

A healing ritual which stills the mind, calms the emotions, awakens the spirit and brings deep relaxation, inner peace and healing to the whole body.

Add-ons available

Aromatherapy Oils - €5
Infra-Red Lamp - €5
Candle Wax - €10
Hot Stones - €10

Massage Treatment Courses

Courses of all massages and body treatments available.
Please contact us for more information by phone: 01-2188198 or email us:


Before you go for massage, I would advise you to wear loose clothing and to avoid eating a heavy meal or drink too much water. It is best to drink more water and eat a meal after the massage.

During the massage I encourage clients to breathe deeper and slower through the range of techniques we will go through with you. We advise you to concentrate on the relaxing music and your breathing to get the most benefits from the session.

We will always preform the massage with the right amount of pressure we recommend for your body. It is not always beneficial to apply very deep pressure if your body is in a stressed state. The process we use is slow and deep allowing your body to adjust to the pressure and release tension at your own pace. This is the added healing therapeutic touch we apply to all sessions. It is very important to get your body in a holistic state so the healing process can continue after treatment.

Make sure that your needs are matched to the therapists role of what you would like to achieve from the overall treatment. For example, what type of massage matches the results you are looking for.

If you are looking for Deep Tissue massage, tell your therapist what areas do you hold the most amount of tension and get your therapist to spend more time on these areas. It is always good to know what to expect beforehand, and that your therapist knows about your preferences and state of mind, stress levels, etc. before your treatment.

It is also important to complete a Massage Consultation Form prior to the massage treatment. You should always discuss with your therapist how deep you prefer the massage to be, depending on your stress levels and the amount of tension built up, as this would have an impact on the type of massage you do. You should also agree whether you would like massage oil in your hair or not, and similar details. Always talk to your therapist what is advised after your massage treatment.

No, we always recommend to turn your phone off during your massage treatment because we want you to feel completely relaxed.

We don't talk during the treatment, only when going through the breathing techniques at the beginning, and if you wish to ask any questions during the treatment.

In order to experience the wellness of the massage we recommend you to switch off completely and enjoy your treatment.

During massage treatment your body and muscles will relax, any tension that you had in your body will be released. You will feel de-stressed and calm, and most people will confirm that after massage treatment they feel as if weight has been lifted.

When it comes to massage etiquette, one of the most important things is to know what exactly you are looking for before the treatment, and have good communication with your therapist.

It is recommended that you leave only your underwear or shorts on as to not restrict blood circulation during your treatment. Parts of your body that are not massaged will be covered at all times.

We recommend to drink 2 litres of water the day of your massage, and to take it easy after the treatment to prolong the feeling of relaxation.

We recommend to have a massage treatment at least once a month. If it has been longer than 3 months since you have had your last massage treatment, we recommend a course of 3 massages within the month and then once a month thereafter.

Yes, it is absolutely fine if you fall asleep during your massage treatment, whatever feels most comfortable to you is what we recommend.

After your massage treatment, make sure you have enough rest, don't do anything too strenuous, drink at least a pint of water and try to get an early night sleep.