Hot Stone Massage

Perfect treatment to relieve muscular aches and pains with the use of warm basalt stones and combination or relaxing massage techniques.

DURATION: 30mins | PRICE: €75

DURATION: 60mins | PRICE: €115

This massage will relieve muscular aches and pains by the therapeutic effects of heat with the use of warm basalt stones and combinations by hand to get the required results. Very pampering and luxurious treatment.

Comforting and deeply relaxing
Relieves pain and tension
Relieves anxiety
Boosts immunity
Promotes better sleeping

We incorporate holistic nutrition elements and advice on improving your diet in our skincare treatments to address various skin concerns: anti- ageing and hormonal health, acne, dermatitis, rosacea and eczema, just to name a few. This will allow you to adjust your diet and eating plan in order to give your body what it needs to improve your skin and overall health.

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During hot stone massage, the hot stones help you to switch off easier and relax more. The heat from the stones heat up your muscles to prepare you for the massage, and therefor massage can reach deeper as a result. It also helps to carry nutrients around your body and help to increase your blood circulation.

Hot stone massage is well worth trying out and comparing to a regular massage without hot stones. The mix of the stones and manual massage has a lovely effect on your body and overall wellness, and is a very popular treatment.

Yes, hot stone massage is very good for back pain as it helps to relax the muscles quicker and deeper so we can massage the areas of the tension with the hot stones and manually, reaching deeper into the muscles to release tension and ease the pain.

We recommend to have hot stone massage once a month. If you suffer with chronic pain or have intensive schedule of physical activities, we would recommend that you have hot stone massage sessions more frequently to alleviate the pain.

No, hot stone massage should not leave any marks on your body, however, it is completely normal for the skin to be a little red, in fact, this is recommended as you know the circulation has improved during the treatment.

Hot stone massage is extremely relaxing and calming, with the feeling of therapeutic heat on the muscles. If you feel particularly stressed, it is an excellent treatment to relieve anxiety, help with sleep issues, especially insomnia, improve your immunity and is generally very good for your physical and mental relaxation.