Organic Makeup Application

Organic makeup is a beautiful natural finished makeup with all the additional organic ingredients to benefit and keep your skin looking healthy all day. The radiant healthiest glow is best and easiest achieved by organic makeup.

DURATION: 30mins | PRICE: €50

Choose from the full makeup range of products suitable for your skin type. If you are looking to enhance your natural look for light to medium coverage and make your eyes stand out, organic makeup will naturally enhance your look. Specific makeup products are used for oily to dry skin.

Made from a process known as micronization, the colour is locked in 9 times finer than in any conventional makeup. This makes even the nudest shades stand out giving you the most highlighted natural look. Particular attention on the luminization process of the youthful glow we all love.

Organic makeup is the best alternative to looking and feeling your best

1. Naturally heals and improves the condition of your skin.
2. Gives you the right amount of coverage without making your skin feel heavy or that you are wearing any makeup.
3. Naturally gives your skin the added glow through natural products so it doesn't seem fake or artificial.
4. The products are safe for your health and wellbeing as no chemicals or preservatives are added.
5. Our organic makeup is cruelty free, vegan and biodegradable. It's an extra bonus knowing that you, animals and our planet are more protected.