Organic Makeup Lesson - 30min

Paying specific attention to the eyes in this tutorial, we will show you how to create whatever look you would like to go for. From a nude look with eyeliner effects to the smokey eye. It's all in the magic blending of the right colours with the best eye makeup brushes to create the look you want.

DURATION: 30mins | PRICE: €65

The main purpose of this makeup lesson is to create a whole finished look that best suits your lifestyle.

You can choose a nude day time look to a smokey night time look. We show you how to achieve these looks easily and effortlessly. We go through the importance of highlighting, blending and contouring. Finishing with the lip shade to plump your lip with added gloss or a matt look,for the finished look.

During this lesson we will create a look to one eye and you will copy the same technique on the other, with the focus on how to correctly apply eye liner to best suit a nude or smokey eye.

1. Know the colours that best suit your skin tone and colouring.
2. Know how to blend colors to suit your eye shape and size.
3. Confidently know how to apply makeup, for the day or night look.
4. Know how to achieve the natural glow though organic, natural makeup.
5. Look your best self without feeling your makeup is heavy. More that you don't feel like you're wearing makeup at all and that you are safe wearing all natural ingredients.