Get your Body Kiss-ed! This unique salon-inspired all-in-1 hair removal kit contains 100% natural products and tools to remove unwanted hair at home.


All you need is in this box. This unique salon-inspired all-in-1 hair removal kit with a squeezable bottle is the perfect mess-free solution for at-home use. It contains 100% natural products as well as tools and is suitable for face, underarm, legs and bikini area.

100% natural strip sugar and cotton strips offer a safe and easy way to remove unwanted hair even for beginners. Because taking care of the skin before and after the hair removal improves the overall skin results, this kit includes the right products to prep and condition the skin. Get your skin Kiss-ed!

Why we love Kiss Waxing Strip Sugar:

  • 100% Natural Strip Sugar
  • No cross-contamination and no double-dipping
  • Water-soluble, won’t stain any surface
  • Gentle on Skin
  • No mess/Easy Cleanup
  • Microwavable and never too hot
  • Long-lasting smooth skin results

Kiss Waxing Strip Sugaring Kit (Large) contains:

  • 6oz Body sugar paste – a soft and easy to spread strip sugar designed for large areas of the body.
  • 6oz Face sugar paste – a firmer strip sugar in a smaller, easier to use bottle designed for smaller facial areas such as eyebrows & upper lip.

To use before hair removal:

  • 2oz Presept Skin Cleanser – this fragrance-free, liquid cleanser gently removes dirt, make-up, and oils. Formulated for all skin types and safe to use on all body parts.
  • 2oz Essential Tonic – this fragrance-free mist opens the hair cuticle shaft allowing Kiss Waxing to better grip the hair. Can be used as a post-treatment as well to soothe and calm the skin while helping to reduce redness (if any).
  • 2oz Vertal 6 Drying powder – Helps ensure skin is dry for body Kiss Waxing and also helps expose the fine blond hairs on any body part for that perfect, smooth skin result we love. Perfume-free, chemical-free, oil-free & hypoallergenic.

To use after hair removal:

  • 2oz Restore hydrating lotion – a highly concentrated lotion formulated to hydrate the skin after Kiss Waxing treatments. It’s lightweight and penetrates deep into the skin to restore moisture and soothe the skin. Gentle, fragrance-free, suitable for face and body as well as all skin types.


  • 5 Washable wooden sticks
  • 10 Washable wooden spatulas
  • 10 Washable cotton strips

Kiss Waxing At-Home Instructions Download

Additional information

Weight 500 g


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