Lucim Nightly Treatment Pack


Deep cleansing Facial Gel, overnight Hydrating Face Mask and deeply Hydrating Night Cream.


Lucim Nightly Treatment Pack contains:

  • Lucim Facial Gel Cleanser – The luscious foaming Facial Gel Cleanser that works without leaving your skin feeling stripped or dry.
  • Lucim Renewing Night Cream – The deeply hydrating, luxuriously rich Renewing Night Cream clarifies and hydrates your skin while you sleep. Simply apply it each night and after a restful eight hours, you’ll awake to a fresh face with visibly smooth skin.
  • Skincerity by Lucim – Skincerity transforms the appearance of your skin with a rejuvenating boost of moisture and a technologically advanced masque unlike anything else on the market. Sleep easy knowing it’s working hard under the surface.

Additional information

Weight 180 g


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