Phenomen-All skin repair is a gel cream that turns into a luxurious oil to soften skin cells and deliver the ultimate hydrating ingredients to dry skin.


Phenomen-All repairs, rejuvenates, deeply hydrates the skin and helps to treat ingrown hairs and skin issues.
Clary, rosewood and grapefruit oil help to heal the skin and control oil production and so is excellent for the face and body. Best to use at night, excellent for sensitive skin, for men after shaving, for women and children.
Phenomen-All calms, moisturises and softens skin cells for the best sugaring results.
Can also be used as a cuticle treatment to help soothe stretch marks and scars.
This cream gel turns to an oil, spreads easy and so a small amount goes a long way. Fabulous for your face as a nighttime ritual treatment to spend quality time on yourself.

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Weight 65 g


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