Gentle cleansing to keep your teeth sparkling and your gums healthy. Contains peppermint essential oil to leave your breath naturally refreshed.

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Reviive Toothpaste offers gentle cleansing with naturally mild abrasives such as calcium carbonate and hydrated silica to keep your teeth clean, sparking and naturally polished. Formulated without the use of fluoride or artificial flavors, contains peppermint essential oil.

Reviive Toothpaste has a light scent and taste or certified organic peppermint essential oil and vanilla.

  • Natural ingredients only
  • Contains natural vanilla and peppermint essential oil
  • Contains hydrated silica and calcium carbonate to clean teeth naturally and gently
  • Toxic-free, free of parabens, sulphates and PEG’s
  • Free from sodium lauryl sulfate and other synthetic chemicals
  • Cleans gently with calcium carbonate
  • No fluoride
  • No artificial flavors

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Weight 80 g


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