Massage has become more of a necessity than a luxury. It is vital that we create a healthier lifestyle and become aware of what our body needs every day.
Have you ever wondered which massage treatment would best suit your needs and what outcome you would like to achieve from a massage? Check out some of the most popular massage treatments at White Willow, and what to expect from them.
Breathing is a fundamental element to eradicating stress, it is vital for our mental health, nerve and muscular health, digestive health issues, and the list is endless.  
Massage therapy is one of the most popular treatments in the salon now more so than ever. With the majority of people working from home at a desk, body movement is limited causing more stiffness in your joints. This current reality is causing more built up tension, stiffness, pain and inflexibility in your body. Feelings
We are here with some good news and would like to let you know that we are fully insured and are members of Irish Massage Therapists Association which means that from now on you can claim money back for your massage treatments through your health insurers. Talk to us if you have any questions or
Massage is a lot more than applying oil and pressure to muscles to relieve pain. It goes deeper than that.  
A massage with Erica is both relaxing and very effective, her knowledge of the body and physiology is huge and impressive.