It is my pleasure to let you know that my new salon - White Willow Natural Skin Clinic - has been officially opened. I have made one of the biggest changes to the business by evolving the brand, creating a new website and moving to our new, beautiful premises at the Radisson Blu St.Helen's Hotel.

I am beyond excited about this next step for the salon and can not wait to welcome you all here!

It is also a bittersweet moment for me right now, and as much as I would like to celebrate this monumental moment together with you all, it will have to be postponed until we are safe to meet again.

As you all are aware, the government has made a decision to move to level 5 lockdown from last night, which, unfortunately, means that all non-essential businesses, including beauty and wellness salons, will have to close their doors for the next 6 weeks.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me to make this happen and to transition from Peaches & Lime Beauty Salon to White Willow Natural Skin Clinic. Peaches & Lime was the place where it all started years ago, and I will always have the best memories about this place but it is also very exciting and important to move forward, evolve and challenge yourself.

Why White Willow? First of all, white willow is a beautiful tree whose long flowing branches and dusky green leaves provide a place of shelter and calmness underneath it. Its healing and soothing benefits have been praised in many cultures and used by healers for centuries.

To me, it also represents the core values of the salon and what I have been carefully creating for years - a peaceful, relaxing oasis where organic, clean, high quality beauty treatments would be paired with relevant wellness and nutrition advice to make you feel and look the best, inside and out. It is beautifully represented also by our new logo as I wanted to create something serene and clean. Something simple and natural. I hope that each visit to White Willow will be a relaxing and reviving experience for each and every one of you!

Many thanks to all these brilliant, talented people who helped me to make this happen:
Shay Murphy, Website and IT Admin, Greystone Consulting
Thomas McDonald, SEO Specialist, Ruby2Digital
Evie Liddy, Designer, Logo and Branding Consultant, Absolute
Eva Blake, Eva Blake Photography

These last months have proved to me that everything is possible if you put your heart and mind into it. I believe that a positive mindset and attitude is what will get us through this once again. There will be hard days but there will also be happy ones, so please support each other, be kind to each other, take care of your loved ones and yourself, and stay safe!

Please have a look at White Willow's new website - www.whitewillow.ie, and I hope to see you in my new salon really soon!

Erica Ryan, Owner of White Willow Natural Skin Clinic (former owner of Peaches & Lime Beauty Salon)