What is your preferred hair removal choice? Have you ever heard and tried sugaring hair removal method? I have put together 5 very good reasons why you should choose sugaring over waxing and will show you in short videos how it is done.

Sugaring vs. waxing

1. With strip wax the hair is removed against the natural direction of growth which may cause the hair to split causing the hair to grow back quicker. With sugaring the hair is always removed in the natural direction of growth causing less stress to the follicle, more ease of extraction of the hair thus a slower regrowth. There is a more thorough extraction of the hair when sugaring, resulting in a more effective and permanent after result compared to waxing.

2. Wax involves heat causing more pain. Sugaring contains no heat which is gentler on the skin and the hair follicle providing a more therapeutic experience causing less stress to you and your skin.

3. There is less risk of cross contamination with sugaring as there is an individual glove that is disposed of after each treatment.

4. Sugaring is a permanent reduction of hair removal where waxing isn't. The results are more permanent when the treatment is done every 2 to 3 weeks depending on the area, particularly on the face. The closer you have the treatments together the better the results.

5. Waxing adheres to fresh skin cells where as sugaring adheres to dead skin cells which makes it a natural exfoliating treatment. Sugaring helps to prevent and treat ingrown hairs where as waxing can sometimes cause ingrown hair which makes it harder to treat. There is less reaction like spots, rash, redness or inflammation after sugaring compared to waxing thus making it more suitable for pregnant women, women or men that are very sensitive.

White Willow is working with Alexandria Professional body sugaring product range which is 100% organic - comprising of lemon, sugar and water. It is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic for the most sensitive skin.

In November 2017, White Willow (former Peaches & Lime beauty salon) won the Sugaring Salon of the Year Award at the Alexandria Professional Awards ceremony.

I have made few videos to show you how the sugaring is done and what happens during sugaring hair removal treatment.

Skin preparation before sugaring

Sugaring hair removal

Skin moisturizing after sugaring treatment

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