Skincare ~ Soin Mum-To-Be

Gentle skin treatment to suit the most sensitive, dry or unbalanced skin during pregnancy.

DURATION: 60mins | PRICE: €85

Gentle skin treatment to suit the most sensitive ,dry or unbalanced skin during pregnancy by the use of all 100% natural products to protect you and your baby . A deeply cleansing and soothing exfoliation prepares your skin to absorb selected serums, oils and creams to sooth inflammation and redness whilst improving hydration levels.

We apply a cream based fully absorbable mask to prolong the nourishing benefits of the organic products, while performing a gentle pressure point face and scalp massage to completely relax and de- stress the body and mind. A holistic therapeutic face, shoulder, neck and arm massage is performed to relax mum and baby, leaving you feel thoroughly relaxed and de stressed.

Perfect for Mums-to-be during the pregnancy
Suitable for sensitive skin
Soothes inflammation and highly pigmented skin
Improves skin's hydration levels
Therapeutic effect to relax and de- stress.
Improving your overall health and wellbeing

We offer complimentary consultations with all our facial treatments.

We will discuss your skin history, main skincare concerns, expectations, recommendations and home care routine on how to achieve the best results for your skin.

We incorporate holistic nutrition elements and advice on improving your diet in our skincare treatments to address various skin concerns: anti- ageing and hormonal health, acne, dermatitis, rosacea and eczema, just to name a few. This will allow you to adjust your diet and eating plan in order to give your body what it needs to improve your skin and overall health.

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Please talk to us if you have any questions and we will help you to choose the best and most suitable products for you and your skin.

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