Sugaring Hair Removal

The permanent solution to unwanted hair

The Alexandria body sugaring range is a 100% organic product range.

The sugar is comprised of lemon juice, sugar and water. Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic for the most sensitive skin types. It not only removes unwanted hair but also improves the condition of the skin by the light exfoliation action, treats and prevents ingrown hairs.

It is suitable for all clients, specifically, if you dislike the heat of wax, have particularly sensitive skin, who want a more permanent result of unwanted hair as the regrowth cycle reduces the more you sugar. Sugaring reduces ingrown hairs, causes less of a reaction on the skin leaving you super smooth, less reactive and without an after sting where waxing sometimes can.

2 -3 mm of hair growth is required for sugaring. You do not have to wait for your hair to grow long. In fact, the sooner you return for treatments the more permanent results you will get. In order to achieve the best results with sugaring, Alexandria have formulated a full circle programme for clients to condition, nourish and hydrate your skin for optimum results. The more you care for your skin and the follicles in which the hairs grow, the more permanent results you will get. These steps involve softening skin cells, exfoliating dead skin, detoxifying and moisturising giving you the smoothest healthiest skin you have always dreamed of!!

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Sugaring - Ladies

100% natural, organic, permanent hair removal system. The prices below are estimates. The overall price is advised on the initial consultation. This may result in the price being reduced or increased depending on the time of your previous appointment, the strength and length of the hair.

If you get sugaring treatments regularly, not only does the hair reduce in regrowth as it becomes more permanent - but also does the price. You get 10% off of your next appointment if it is within 3 weeks.

For more on sugaring, check out our guide to the benefits of sugaring here!

You can receive 10% discount for appointments reoccurring every 2 to 3 weeks.

€10 supplement may apply for hair growth over 4+ weeks.

Leg - Half €45
Underarm €25
Arm - Full €40
Arm - Half €30

Basic Bikini €30
Extended Bikini €38
LA Bikini / Brazilian €60
Maintain LA Bikini / Brazilian (within 2 weeks) €45

Eyebrow Reshape €25
Brow Tidy €20
Lip €20
Chin €20
Lip & Chin (full) €35
Lip & Chin (slight) - €30
Face - Sides €25

Sugaring Courses - Face - Ladies

Unlimited treatments. Courses expire within 3 months.

For any facial sugaring sessions we have introduced minute packages for you. Your hair regrowth is reduced the more sugaring you have done within a 3 week period as it becomes a more permanent solution to unwanted hair and so does the price you pay.

Lip Sugaring Course - €100
Lip & Chin Sugaring Course - €150
Lip, Chin & Sides of Face Sugaring Course - €200-250

Membership Programmes - 3 months

Underarm sugaring membership programme

Unlimited underarm sugaring for 3 months. Call us for more details: 01 - 2188198.


LA / Brazilian membership programme

Unlimited specialised bikini sugaring for 3 months (Includes a FREE Full Circle Alexandria Travel Kit set worth €55). More details here!


Sugaring Treatment Courses

Each course includes 6 sugaring treatments with one of our expert sugarists.

Please contact us for more information by phone: 01-2188198 or email us:

½ Leg Upper/Lower (6 treatments) - €210
¾ Leg (6 treatments) - €270
Basic Bikini (6 treatments) - €125
Arm Half (6 treatments) - €150
Half Leg & Bikini (6 treatments) - €300
Underarm (6 treatments) - €125

Male sugaring treatments available by request.


Sugaring is a 100% natural form of hair removal that extracts the hair from a deeper level to waxing, causing the hair to return less frequently.

Yes, sugaring hair removal is better than waxing because it causes less irritation as it is not hot, and when using the appropriate skincare it is less painful to waxing. Sugaring weakens the hair so during each session it becomes less and less irritating and less painful.

Preparation is key for sugaring as it is a skincare treatment - the more you prepare the skin by exfoliating, using dry body brushing, detoxifying the follicles and fully hydrating the skin, the more you will see the reduction of hair regrowth, even up to 60% after your treatments.

The hair for sugaring hair removal should be up to 2-3mm or slightly longer, which is about 2 weeks growth initially until we assess the results. If you come more regularly for sugaring treatments, the hairs grow back less and less so it becomes a permanent solution to unwanted hair.

Yes, sugaring hair removal can remove hair permanently if you are regular with treatments and follow the skincare protocol. You will get 60% permanent reduction within first 6 months, sometimes even sooner.

If you follow the correct skincare protocol recommended to you by your therapist, then yes, sugaring will definitely be less painful than waxing. Coming regularly and using the appropriate products, sugaring becomes a much more comfortable experience.

Sugaring, in my opinion, is the best form of hair removal as not only do you permanently get rid of unwanted hairs, but also the condition of your skin becomes the best you have ever had.

Yes, sugaring hair removal is the best for sensitive skin as there is no heat and it is less irritating. Sugaring removes hair in the natural direction of its growth causing less irritation and less reaction.

Yes, sugaring hair removal can be done on the face, in fact, the face is one of the most popular areas to get sugared. Hairs return less and are much finer causing little to no irritation after we apply a cool mud mask after treatment.

Yes, lip sugaring is very popular due to the reduction in hair growth and the effectiveness of the treatment. Ask your sugarist about Sugaring Minutes: we created a programme that helps you to achieve the best long term results and also saves you money - the quicker you return for your next sugaring treatment, the better results you get, and save, too.

Yes, absolutely. Any style on the bikini area can be sugared. The LA Bikini is the most popular among clients. Will you dare to bare?

No, it is quite the opposite. The more sugaring hair removal treatments you have while using the home care products, the less and finer the hair will return.

If you prep your skin as recommended, with the Full Circle of skincare products prior and during sessions, you will have no issues with ingrown hairs. The better the condition of your skin, the less risk you have of developing ingrown hairs.

No, sugaring is primarily a hair removal and skin conditioning treatment. To treat blackheads we recommend to book a consultation with our beauty therapists. During a facial treatment we would prepare steam and extract the blackheads effortlessly to cause little to no discomfort to you.

It's not recommended to mix waxing with sugaring as both treatments are completely different. It's also more difficult to access the results when you mix the two together. Here at White Willow, we started out with waxing treatments years ago before introducing sugaring hair removal to our clients. We felt that all our clients were happy to move to sugaring when they saw the results.

For the best results, we recommend that you have a sugaring hair removal treatment every 2 weeks. The gap between treatments should not be longer than 3 weeks. For hair removal without permanent reduction no longer than a month is recommended.

We apply after care mud mask and hydrating products to your skin after sugaring treatment. We still would not recommend to swim, touch the area, or apply any products including tan to the sugared area for 24 hours. If you can, try to avoid showering for as long as possible and be gentle with the area that has been treated.


Please download and fill out our Sugaring Consultation Form before your sugaring treatment. Please send it to us by email or bring it with you to the clinic.

Please download and fill out Full-Circle Prescription Form before your treatment. Please send it to us by email or bring it with you to the clinic.

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