Indian Head Massage

A very beneficial massage and deeply relaxing treatment for any built up tension and pain relief in the neck and head areas.

DURATION: 30mins | PRICE: €75

DURATION: 60mins | PRICE: €105

This is a very beneficial massage for any built-up tension in the neck and head areas. It helps to aid headache and sinus pain relief. This is a thoroughly relaxing treatment.

Escape aromatherapy oil blend (used where applicable) helps to clear and de-stress the mind, and is used during this massage.

All the essential oils are contraindicated during pregnancy.

Deep relaxation and de-stress
Ease if tension and pain
Relieves symptoms of anxiety and depression
Renews energy levels
Relieves insomnia and fatigue
Promotes hair growth

We incorporate holistic nutrition elements and advice on improving your diet in our skincare treatments to address various skin concerns: anti- ageing and hormonal health, acne, dermatitis, rosacea and eczema, just to name a few. This will allow you to adjust your diet and eating plan in order to give your body what it needs to improve your skin and overall health.

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During an Indian head massage we apply warm aromatherapy oil blend to the scalp and hair (optional) and during the treatment we will use different massage movements on the neck, shoulder and scalp areas.

At first, you will lie down on the massage bed with your face pointing down through a built-in hole in the massage bed. After a while, we will ask you to turn around and lie flat on the bed with your face pointing up to work on the pressure points on the forehead.

We recommend Indian head massage once a month. If you suffer with migraines, a course of 3 massages within a month would be recommended, and once a month thereafter.

Yes, Indian head massage is very good to relieve anxiety and stress. We usually tend to hold a lot of tension in neck, head and shoulders area which is directly addressed during head massage treatment, providing deep relaxation and improving overall mental wellbeing as a result.

Indian head massage, know also as Champissage is an Ayurvedic medicinal method, practiced in India for centuries, and focusing on balancing the mind, body, and spirit, while also promoting wellness and better quality of life.

It was brought to the Western world in 1970s by Narendra Mehta who travelled to England to study physical therapy, and began offering head massages. From here, the Indian head massage technique spread also to other countries.

The traditional Indian head massage initially included a scalp and hair massage with herbs, oils, and spices. The modern Indian head massage includes the shoulders, neck, and face as well.

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Indian head massage is a very relaxing treatment for your whole body, particularly upper back if you suffer from tension in this area. It is considered one of the best massages to rebalance your the body and includes numerous benefits:

  • Ability to alleviate stress and tension
  • Relieves headaches and migraines
  • Promotes deep relaxation and calm while relieving insomnia
  • Encourages the circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage
  • Helps to bring oxygen and nutrients to cells
  • Reduces pain and tension in the muscles
  • Enhances hair growth