I am continuing my cooperation with Ann Smyth Weddings and my new summer Bridal Beauty blog has just been published. This time I have put together best tanning, manicure and pedicure advice and tips for all brides-to be.


There's a couple of options on what works best for tanning options on your day. It really comes down to the type of skin you have and the look you are going for. The paler your skin the more careful you need to be. Preparation is key. Exfoliating at least twice, even three times per week is vital to the outcome of your tan along with a nourishing diet which is more fundamental. I recommend to build up a tan like the Vita Liberata gradual tan or an organic alternative as the tan will fade better. I recommend a cream based tan with colour to develop not a moose left to leave on as long as possible. Your tan should last for up 4-6 days if you moisturise every day. This is more of a natural approach to glowing on your special day so it's worth spending some extra time and care on achieving the best outcome.

I don't recommend spray tan for your wedding day as it can stain your dress even after you wash it off and A bride needs to go for a more natural look with absolutely no give away lines. I would always use a tanning mitt when applying tan and apply moisturiser to the inside of the hand, wrist elbows nails and around the edge of the foot to avoid staining.

It is always better to build gradually over two to three days. I know my friend Dee who is an amazing wedding photographer advices to wear as little tan as possible if none at all as it is the number one mistake that shows up on wedding pictures, the second is having different colour foundation on your neck to the rest of your body so be very particular and careful who you get to do your makeup on the day and make sure it all blends in perfectly.

Once you have the desired look apply natural body moisturiser never oil as this breaks the tan every day to keep your skin nourished and to prolong your tan longer. I would only recommend using more organic less synthetic ingredients as I find they give the best results.

Hands & Toes

French polish seems to be less of a trend when it comes to bridal manicure & pedicures again is very much about personal taste. Brides are opting for soft pinks and nudes even pale blue just on the toes is very popular depending on the look and if its a wedding abroad as it works well in the sun.

The callus pedicure removes stubborn dry skin on the heels along with an electronic filer to remove dry skin. I would recommend only an electronic cuticle pusher instead of the metal kind. It is so much gentler and you can pick up some really great choices on Amazon or your local nail salon should have a more professional options if required.

The only way to file toes nails on the feet is straight across this prevents ingrown toe nails and looks very neat. A nourishing mask should be applied and left for 10-15 minutes to nourish the skin at a deeper level after exfoliation. A good option is to prepare your feet at home leading up to a salon treatment as the result is so much better. Then you can get to fully relax and enjoy the massage and know the outcome will be the best.

A pale pink on the hands looks beautiful with all styles of wedding dresses. It is simply so classy and feminine and think it's the best option. I would always recommend to go for a nail shape similar to your own natural shape. Dry cuticle work with a machine is very effective to remove unwanted dry skin & cuticles leaving a very clean finish.

Hand masks, hand creams and cuticle oils are important to nourish the skin while you sit back enjoy a pressure point hand massage to help you destress, relax and unwind.

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