Our approach combines beauty and nutrition in a holistic manner to guarantee that every bride not only look their best but feel their best on the wedding day.

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If you are planning your fabulous wedding day, I hope you cherish every moment. It is such an exciting time. l am so honoured to write this first bridal beauty blog and look forward to connecting with you all going forward.

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Erica. I am a beauty and holistic nutrition specialist of 18+ years. I combine beauty and nutrition to get the best results for you. Holistic nutrition and beauty is a natural approach to developing a healthier, balanced lifestyle which shows both externally and internally. I share my knowledge of nutrition in the daily running of my salon helping people improve skin conditions, offer advise on anti-ageing nutrition, weight loss, improved energy, etc.

Through this combination of beauty and nutrition I have had the pleasure of witnessing countless clients not only see improvements in their overall external appearance but more importantly feeling their best internally which is more vital than anything else.

Look after your skin

Our skin is our largest organ in our body yet quite often we do not give it the attention it deserves. While most of us acknowledge how imperative it is to feed our internal organs with high quality nutrition such as macro nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and plant based ingredients, we do not always do this with our skin in mind. It is therefore vital that we give this same care and attention to our skin by choosing ingredients in cosmetics that are not harmful, toxic or chemically induced.

Choose toxic and chemical free products

In my opinion the more chemicals and toxins in a product, the more ineffective the product becomes as it does not allow room for high quality ingredients to enhance our beauty. Everything we put onto our skin absorbs straight through our body into our bloodstream and has an impact inside of our bodies. This affects how we look and feel every day. On average women consume over 200 chemicals in personal care products before leaving the house in the morning and this does nothing to enhance your lifestyle.

Small changes will lead to big results

I love nothing more than to spread awareness to people about why to choose 100% organic products and how we can make small changes that lead to big results. As we all live busy and hectic lifestyles, making time to destress is becoming imperative to your health, well-being and fighting the ageing process. Removing stress and anxiety from your body has huge benefits on your overall health and well-being.

Through my beauty and nutrition practice I also provide massage services as I strongly believe this together with a holistic approach to beauty and nutrition are they main keys to success in achieving the downtime you deserve and should be incorporated into your life.

I am here to help and answer your questions

So what would you like to know to make your day so special? What tips do you need to look and feel the best on your day? Is there certain topics you are interested in? For example, would you like to know how to create the softest skin, face and body, and glow on your wedding day? How to get your tan to look the best and most natural on your day? Maybe dietary tips on how to lose weight not just on your wedding day but for life?

I will be putting a new post relevant for brides up every month so please do let me know what information benefits you.

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