With the consistent evolving changes in the skincare industry, I am always on the lookout for a product that exceeds another. What makes a product stand out over another range? What changes do I need to make to exceed the results I'm looking for?

Centella plany leaves

It goes without saying - in order to get the best results in skincare you need the highest quality of active ingredients at the highest potency level of professional standard. Products have to be of 100% organic, toxic and chemical free origin and in my opinion vegan and cruelty free.

I was looking for a product that exceeded the potential of active ingredients by allowing more processes to take place in the skin at the same time. Let me explain a little more.

The main benefits of Centella Skincare range

The Centella Skincare range has all the benefits of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from the whole Centella Asiatica plant to give you incredible long lasting results. Extraction of amino acids, fats and sugars from the stem cells in the veins of the plant not only add extra nutritional benefits but also prolong further advances to the skin by repairing and redensifying the dermal layer of the skin.

This is when you start to see long term benefits and advances in skincare. When you reach the dermal deeper layer of the skin.

The benefits of stem cell skincare

Stem cells reproduce by cellular division. As we age, the stem cells in the epidermal layer in our skin decrease and the efficiency weakens, leading to early signs of ageing.

Plant stem cells present the greatest benefit for skin rejuvenation and restorative properties.

Centella Asiatica stem cells help to boost the natural functions of the stem cells in our skin. The rich antioxidants fight free radical damage. They also improve hydration and elasticity by stabilising the hyaluronic acid content acting in synergy with other biological activities protecting the epidermis against external aggressions whilst also brightening pigmentation and even skin tone.

Stem cells have the power to repair and regenerate tissue damage helping to restore skin to a more youthful stage.

The Centella Prestige skincare line (Anti-ageing line) uses up to 50% Centella Asiatica in the product range so I am rest assured my clients will benefit from using the products in order to achieve the healthiest skin possible.