Growing your own herbs, fruits and vegetables is a very easy task and can be done in very different places and various ways, you just have to be creative, dedicate some time to take care of your plants and nature will reward you with amazing, fresh and home-grown produce that can be used for your health, nutrition and beauty purposes.

No matter if you own a house with a large outdoor space or live in the smallest of apartments, you can have your garden adjusted to your space and needs. In apartments - balconies and even windowsills can be used as little gardens where herbs or smaller vegetables, e.g., mini tomatoes, lettuce, peas or beans can be grown. Larger spaces will allow you to plant all kinds of fruit and veg in designated veg and fruit raised beds, you will have enough space to plant also fruit trees and even have your own greenhouse.

The simplest way to start a garden is by obtaining potting soil and plant containers from local garden centers or from neighbors who already do some gardening. This will work the best for people who want to grow their own herbs and veg but does not have enough space.

Last weekend I spent some time in Waterford, visiting my family and had a great chat with my Dad who is a proud gardener with huge experience growing his own food. He walked me through his garden and we had a great chat about different herbs, fruit & veg he is growing this year. Watch the video to see my Dad's garden and find out how easy it is to grow your own food and how little you really need to start your own little garden project.

Feeling very inspired myself and might give it a try. I am keen to start growing my own herbs for tea and food, especially sage which is super great for the health of your skin & body, has anti-inflammatory effects for rosecea skin and acne, and is just really tasty and adds lots of flavour to your food.