Massage isn't a luxury, its a necessity

Massage has become more of a necessity than a luxury, and it is vital that we create a healthier lifestyle and become aware of what our body needs every day.

Massage has become more of a necessity than a luxury.

Years ago massage was seen to be a real luxury and given to people more in the form of gift vouchers for special occasions. Fast forward to today - more and more people are seeing the effects of living a fast-paced lifestyle which is having a massive impact on stress levels in their bodies and on people's mental health, not to mention phone addiction thrown into the mix.
Our lives are becoming more demanding, and we are living in a world where instant gratification and instant results are expected. I am strongly recommending clients to work more on themselves internally which involves spiritual, emotional and mental health. What you see outside is 20% of the overall picture. 80% needs to be worked on within.
There's a pattern that we are over-consuming a larger work load over a shorter period of time which is working our bodies too hard mentally than physically. It is vital that we create a healthier lifestyle and become aware of what our body needs every day. Give your body the right level of nutrition and self care, including working on your mental health daily.
Stress can be prevented and reduced if you practice self care and wellbeing regularly. Daily nutritional requirements, exercise, relaxation practices including breathing techniques are essential for preventing stress, worry and anxiety.
Stress and toxicity has been accumulating in the body for years. In order to treat this build-up of toxicity we, first and foremost, need to be more mindful of how we think and behave, and have the awareness of the impact this has on our body daily.
We need to strongly consider factoring massage into our self care lifestyle and make a conscious decision to check in with ourselves and ask what it takes to be the healthiest version of me today. This is a question I get all my clients to ask themselves the moment they wake up.
Breathing technique also is very important. Inhaling 100% natural mixed blends of aromatherapy oils helps to relax your lungs within 30 seconds, and is a great start to the de-stressing progress your body needs.
Touch is crucial for calming and relaxing a person. We have been so deprived of this over the last few years because of Covid and lengthy restrictions but it is important to get back regularly for a massage treatment to give your body what it needs. I would recommend a course of 3 treatments within a month to get started.
We are so fortunate to be able to access a wide range of various alternative therapies. Choose something that suits you the best. Try Tibetan gong baths, a type of meditation where the person 'bathes' in the healing vibrations of sounds. Sound mediation is really effective for wellbeing and giving time out for yourself. I personally use it to maintain my stress levels, give back to my body, and the 'feel good' factor after the session is amazing.
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Photos below are from my Tibetan Gong and Sound Meditation workshop I recently did together with my friend at Nadabrahma Sound Healing

Marta is amazing and helps women to reconnect, restore and empower through sound healing workshops. She also does sound and voice healing trainings, Tibetan gong baths and offers individual sessions.