The moment I associated beauty and nutrition together was when I turned 17. I had my Dad grab me by the arm and bring me to the nearest pharmacy asking the girl behind the counter 'Can you do anything for her skin?' It was a waste of time.

I was put on antibiotics, the dianette pill, topical antibiotics and harsh chemical products to treat my continuous acne breakouts that were starting to scar. These methods helped initially but had no long term benefits which I knew I had to change.

That's when I researched nutrition more on how it can improve your skin, as your skin is a discretery organ of what is happening inside your body. If you fix what's going inside the results will show on the outside.

I realised nutrition was a de-stress mechanism for inner health. When you create balance and give your body what it needs, it will reward you by looking and feeling amazing which is what I have created in White Willow Natural Skincare Clinic.

It was like the domino effect. When I started to see sustainable results, this changed my thoughts on the importance of nutrition for the rest of my life. What did I do? I increased the amount of plant based foods and drinks in the form of juices and herbs, and limited the amount of acid foods such as meat, chicken, bread and milk.

Fast forward two decades - I still have the same vision except one element has changed. I realise that the food that is available today is not of the same quality as it once was. It is more difficult to source fresh, high quality nutrition unless you grow it yourself or find local produce where you know where it's coming from. Milk in the fridge can last weeks when it shouldn't and so I don't touch dairy. Vegetables and fruits are lasting weeks when they shouldn't so I source them in markets where I know no chemicals have been added. As the best apples to buy have worm holes. So maybe the question to ask is ‘‘What has been done to the food is the problem not the food itself.'

Why does this relate to beauty? Chemicals, preservatives, stress, ready to go meals, hydrogenated oils, sugar, fast foods we consume add to the toxic build up in our bodies. Not to mention chemicals in cosmetics to add to the mix which I'll talk about in a separate blog. These are chemical scavengers called free radicals which age us, make us sick, zap all our energy and is what we need to avoid. This all has a direct effect on how we look and how we feel which reflects on how we behave. The good news is we can change that around by increasing alkaline based foods, e.g., anything plant based and limiting acid based foods such a meat, bread and dairy.

The direct link to nutrition and beauty is when you improve your diet the results you get after a beauty treatment is incredible. Sugaring, a form of hair removal, is more permanent because your skin is nourished so the hair is extracted more effectively. Tanning products are applied perfectly to nourished skin so the result is more effective, even and last longer. It is easier to get the results required in skincare because the deeper layers are being taken care of and you just have to address the top layers.

The reason I got involved with supplying a nutritional range of products was that I felt I was sending clients off to buy products that were not effective enough. That were not going to give them the required results. We require more nutrients daily than ever before. We need a higher grade of nutrition that feeds into our bloodstream and is 100% absorbable at a clinical grade which means the dosage and the nutrition blend is recommended by nutritional doctors not just nutritionists themselves. I will tell you all about the nutritional products and their benefits in another blog post because they deserve a closer look, e.g., the Moa super nutrition blend which is a 34 superfood drink made of raw ingredients sourced worldwide, it literally floods your body with powerful antioxidants, vitamins & minerals that help to improve your energy.

Join me on the journey to greater health and leave the care in our hands to make sure you become the best version of you inside & out.