Organic Make Up

100% Organic Make up

The science of organics, to give you the best.

We wish to offer products that are different from conventional cosmetic products: natural, eco-friendly products made from organic ingredients that are more respectful of nature, and also more effective at improving your skin to enhance your natural beauty.

The micronization technology that is used in organic makeup refines the particles nine times finer than conventional makeup, making the product more visible with a lighter feel adding a beautiful glow to the skin.

Below are the ingredients you will find in many of our makeup products: Organic grape-seed oil, Organic Shea butter, Organic Damask rosewater, Organic horsetail, Organic cornflower water, Organic aloe vera juice, Organic cocoa butter, Organic jojoba oil, Red tea extract.

Make up price list

Organic makeup application 45min - €65
Organic makeup lesson 30min - €80
Organic makeup lesson 60min - €115

Half the price of any of the above treatments is redeemable against makeup products purchased to the value of €50 or more.

Bridal Makeup - please contact us directly for more details!


Organic makeup is makeup derived from all natural ingredients and dyes. You will find many beneficial ingredients in organic makeup such as green and white tea extracts, jojoba oil, avocado oil, Shea butter, Hyaluronic Acid, just to list a few that help to improve the condition of your skin keeping it feeling hydrated all day long.

Organic makeup gives your skin the most natural glow. It radiates and highlights your natural beauty instead of masking it, and gives a more youthful, natural look to your skin.

We should be mindful of using less chemicals and toxins in products as they can have a harmful effect on our skin and bodies. By choosing organic makeup you are choosing quality ingredients to give you the best look and protecting your health at the same time.

It is difficult to pick one makeup brand. My favorites are Couleur Caramel, RMS Beauty and Ilia. I tend to pick certain products from these three main organic makeup brands.

Yes, organic makeup is definitely better for your skin as it is made from all natural top quality ingredients. You can rest assure that your skin will be taken care of every time you wear natural makeup.

It is important to go for 100% natural makeup and products because even the most harmful chemicals could be in 93% of advertised brands. The easiest way is to search for the BIO stamp benchmark as that ensures the highest quality of ingredients to the best professional standard of care.

Organic in cosmetics means that there has been no added preservatives, chemicals or unnatural materials of any kind added to the products.

Yes, all organic products are natural but not all natural products are organic.

Yes, makeup can be toxic if you choose conventional skincare or makeup brands. The most easily available and common brands, unfortunately, can be toxic.

Choose 100% natural, organic products with the stamp ECO or BIO on them, you will have the best quality products you can get.

We recommend all the makeup products you choose should be organic. Organic makeup is made through a process called 'micronization' which locks the colour 9 times finer than conventional makeup. In other words, when you apply a nude eyeshadow which with some conventional brands is hard to see, you will clearly see the colour with organic makeup because the quality is so much better.

Organic makeup is made from organic, pure ingredients. You will find antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, herbs, nourishing oils, and fruits in organic makeup. The list of ingredients is endless and differs from brand to brand.

We recommend a consultation if you are switching to or experiencing organic makeup for the first time. 3 or more makeup products is redeemable against your makeup session or lesson with us.

Alternatively, we recommend you enquire online on a makeup brand you really like. Most organic makeup brands will have a questionnaire to determine which shade best suits your skin type.

It is good to know that high quality, organic makeup products go a lot further. We find organic makeup lasts twice as long as conventional makeup so it is a more economic and sustainable option which helps the environment. Organic makeup brands are always vegan and cruelty free.

With any skincare and makeup product you use, it is important to know your body and skin as to what it can be sensitive to. I have never had an issue with organic makeup products but everyone's skin is different. Pay attention to the listed ingredients on the label and talk to your beauty therapist or makeup consultant about products that will be suitable for your skin type.

Organic makeup is made of natural ingredients that are produced in an eco friendly and sustainable way, using renewable sources that are more friendly to the local and global eco-systems and environment, and does not contain toxic pollutants and chemicals, plastic, microbeads, synthetic or artificial colors that that are harmful to human bodies and nature around us.