Volunteers Needed for Brow Sugaring | Team Training

We are looking for 5 volunteers who would like to try complimentary Brow Sugaring here at White Willow. Sugaring will be done as a part of training for our team.

During the training session we will use all natural sugaring products
that are really gentle on your skin, even the most sensitive one,
and offers the most natural form of hair removal.
No patch test is needed for this treatment.

Treatment will be completely FREE for all our volunteers,
however, there are a few things we will ask you:

* To have before and after photos taken
(we will do it carefully, making sure your privacy is respected at all times)

* We will ask that you write or record a review
(everything about your experience during the treatment and results)

If you are interested, please get in touch with us for
more information and to arrange your appointment:
(01) 218 8198 | connect@whitewillow.ie

Current clients and new clients - all are welcome to apply!