This is us - we do things the nonconventional way and we would love for you to come along on this lifestyle journey with us.

We do things the nonconventional way.
We are unique.
We are different.
We are the game changers.
We are nonconventional.

There hasn't been a month that has gone by in the last 8 years of being in business where I haven't made multiple decisions on how I can improve, change and create the most unique service for our clients. Not just physically with what you see, also for your internal health, wellness and to encourage people to take responsibility to improve the world we live in which detrimentally needs our help.

We live in a fast pace, instant gratification world where people wanted results last week. That pattern, I feel, is about to change. If Covid has taught us nothing else but that our health is and always will be the most fundamental importance of all.

We need to mindfully and purposely train our bodies to de-stress, know when enough is enough, explore holistic practices, choose the natural way, mixed with laughter as the healthiest medicine you can give to yourself. These are choices you can make every day.

White Willow is the pristine example of self care, self love and appreciation for everything natural while protecting our health, our environment and our habitat which are of equal importance to what we do to ourselves.

Taking responsibility for what you use and how this reacts to your health, why you should use it, making sure products are not tested on animals, and being more environmentally friendly are some of the values we hold dear to us as we continue to improve and grow.

We love to educate our clients on the small changes you can make every day to improve your health and wellbeing.

Beauty and how you look naturally follows when you make these steps. Your natural beauty radiates through you and it is very viable. Most importantly it's how you feel that matters the most.

We would love for you to come along on this lifestyle journey with us!
We are so thrilled to be opening our doors on the 10th of May!
We cannot wait to meet you, and see all our fabulous clients again!

Erica, Niamh, and Carolina