Wellness Consultation | Your well-being is important to us!

Looking after yourself and your wellbeing is important all the time, especially during busy times like this. We will be happy to offer you personalised wellness consultations packed with useful advice on how to incorporate various beneficial aspects in your everyday life to rebalance and harmonise your body, mind and soul.

I am in the beauty industry 20 years. I am seeing that the importance is not spending more time on how we look (which is very important too, don't get me wrong) but spending more time on what's happening internally - our emotional and spiritual health. This is where we need to spend more time and effort to improve our health. The results make us feel happier in ourselves which always should come first.

I am a firm believer that exploring and experiencing meditation can bring life-changing results, especially if you are ready to open up and embrace it.

TM Meditation

If you are new to meditation, I would recommend you to try TM Meditation. I practice it myself and find it very beneficial in many ways. It is recommended to do 20min meditation session in the morning and 20min session in the evening. 20min is the time it takes for endorphins to release in your body and give you the blissful feel factor. It is also recommended to sit up in a warm calming environment when practicing TM Meditation.

It is extremely beneficial if you feel particularly tired, have a lot going on in your evert day life, if you feel you are bogged down with work, and haven't given yourself self care time you deserve. We will show you how you can incorporate TM Meditation at home and into your daily routine in order to keep levels of stress and tiredness low, and mental focus alert.


For those of you who are wondering about Qigong - it is a part of Chinese traditional medicine that incorporates specific movements such as postures, stretches, breathing and meditation to keep you feeling harmonised. It has been introduced in hospitals in China to treat chronic ailments and severe asthmatic patients. I add it to homecare routine of my clients if I see that they could benefit from it and it is needed. It is one of - if not the best - techniques I have tried to make me feel balanced, calm, de-stressed and more grounded.

Qigong is slow, calm, painless and effortless technique, extremely beneficial to help you if you have shallow breathing, to give yourself time out for self care and to recharge, also used for chronic or acute pain to help your internal organs function better, and to help you to relax. I cannot recommend it strongly enough. Only 7min a day is recommended. I will initially go through some movements with you in the salon so you can confidently practice it back at home. I am currently working on videos to explain it in more detail and these will be released on line in the new year.

For more information regarding the above, please get in touch by phone 01-2188198 or email connect@whitewillow.ie

Please note that TM Meditation and Qigong are not designed to cure, treat or prevent disease.