Following the 50/50 concept in sugaring is vital to get the best results and improve the condition of your skin.

Here's more about it and why it is so important.


Sugaring is an all-natural and 100% organic treatment that works also as a natural exfoliant, prevents and treats ingrown hairs and is gentle on your skin and is suitable even for the most sensitive areas.
It is the best choice for hair removal on any skin type but it also requires an entirely different mind-set and approach in order to be successful.
Sugaring works most effectively when you remove dead skin cells, nourish and hydrate your skin. Step by step you will get the best results required when you follow the Alexandria Professional Full Circle routine which you can build up over time. We recommend that you follow the 50/50 concept of skincare and sugaring where 50% is the salon treatment and 50% is the homecare - the way you look after your skin before and after the sugaring treatment. Caring for your skin and sugaring come hand in hand and it's so important to prioritise skincare while having in salon sugaring treatments done.  Always remember that sugaring will work the best if your skin is properly exfoliated and hydrated to protect you from unnecessary discomfort and irritation.
Following this approach is vital to get the best results and will improve the condition of your skin.
To make homecare of your skin easier, you can combine Alexandria Professional Salt Smoothie body exfoliator with one of the following skincare kits:
  • 'I love my skin' Skincare set. This kit includes Presept Skin Cleanser, Essential Tonic and Restore Hydrating Lotion for face and body care that works in harmony to promote clean, healthy, and balanced skin.
Both kits are back in our online shop, are 100% natural, gentle, safe and easy to use daily to cleanse, tone, and hydrate for both women and men.
 You can also select individual products (in their original size) from our Sugaring shelf online. Most products will last 3-9 months and is an excellent investment in your skincare routine.
Consultations and a full step-by-step guide on how to achieve the best results from using the skincare products are available.