White Willow offers various ways to eliminate and dissolve stress in your body along with applying the fundamental tools to deal with stress in every day situations.

1. Natural products have a positive calming effect
We use all natural, chemical and toxic free products so when applied they have a more positive effect on your skin. They also have a positive effect to help calm what's happening inside your body to help you relax more. The products you use on the outside have an effect on what's happening inside, too.
2. Essential oils help to de-stress your body and mind
We only use 100% plant-based mixed blend of pure essential oils during treatments here at White Willow. The holistic aspect heals your body by helping it to calm quicker, as the ingredients have known effects to relax your lungs within 30 seconds of usage, helping you to breath deeper and de-stress your body and mind. Read more here!
3. Massage therapy works wonders
We are specialists in massage therapies combining 30 years of expertise in massage. You are guaranteed to find the best technique to suit your needs. Read more here!
4. We are TM meditation ambassadors
We show and explain to you the positive incredible effects TM (Transcendental Meditation) can make to your life. At times, I practice this form of meditation during treatments which have known scientific evidence of reducing cortisol levels in the body thus reducing stress. Read more here!
5. Nutrition is the No 1 key element
We are the lead distributors of the Clinical nutrition range of supplements, drinks, drops and shakes that have won numerous world recognition awards for their excellence, quality and effectiveness to improve your health and eliminate stress from your body. Nutrition is the No 1 key element that you need to concentrate on to reduce stress along with a healthy balanced food plan and lifestyle. Explore here!
Extra Tip
As an extra tip we encourage our clients to perform relaxation techniques and exercise choices that best suit your needs at home to reduce and eliminate stress in your life.