Organic Makeup Lesson - 60min

The emphasis on this makeup lesson is achieving the looks that best suit your skin tone, eye shape by keeping the look current and highlighting your most prominent features . Knowing how and what colours to apply to create the full makeup look naturally step by step. Creating the looks you love

DURATION: 60mins | PRICE: €85

In the full makeup lesson we show you step by step how to achieve the full natural look. This is specific to each individual as you may go for the smokey eye or nude eye look, we will show you how to create both. Finishing with bold or nude lips depending on the overall look.

We show you the importance of using a natural skin primer and how powder doesn't have to feel thick or heavy to give a flawless finish

List of benefits include:

1. Learn how to naturally enhance your look
2. Doesn't mask instead enhances your natural beauty
3. Learn how non conventional makeup stands out over conventional makeup
4. Bio degradable packaging and always cruelty free and vegan
5. Cares for you skin and body insuring your health is always at the forefront of every treatment