I haven't checked in with you for a while and wondering how you are?

How do you feel about your skin at the moment? Are you experiencing any specific skin concerns? Is your skin feeling extra dry, dull, sensitive, oily, haggard, or in a need of a health boost?

I am here to help!

I am offering you personalised one-on-one FREE ONLINE CONSULTATION! Consultations will take place by Zoom call or phone call from 22nd February until 18th March from 10.30am-12.30pm Monday to Friday, and they will be 30min long.
I will cover the following topics with you:
  • What your main skin concerns are
  • What the best routine is for your skin
  • When, where and how much product you should use
  • What is most suitable for your budget
  • Health tips on how you can improve your skin through your diet
  • Stress management
  • Lifestyle improvements
I really want to listen to your requirements, match them and arise above your expectations. We will also discuss why your skin requires 100% natural, chemical and toxic free ingredients and what these products can do for you. 
How to book your free online consultation?
To book your online consultation with me, please email and we can arrange a suitable date and time for you. Book early so you don't miss out!
*FREE SHIPPING* - Did you know that from 22nd February - 12th March you can avail of FREE shipping in Ireland on all our skincare products online, including Centella, HydraFlore, Jouvé and our new skincare line - Lucim.