Sugaring hair removal method uses 100% organic, natural ingredients, and is not only extremely beneficial at removing unwanted hair, slowing regrowth but also making it a more permanent hair removal solution with a list of amazing benefits for your skin.  
This is us – we do things the nonconventional way, and we would love for you to come along on this lifestyle journey with us.    
We are excited beyond words to be able to reopen and get back to work after so many months of closure! We are working on some last finishing touches but all will be ready and set for 10th May and we can’t wait to see you all in salon again! Here’s what to expect regarding
This is the best time to spring clean your skincare shelf and refresh your skincare routine with some new products! From 22 February – 12 March we offer FREE SHIPPING within Ireland on our skincare products online, including Centella, HydraFlore, Jouvé and our new skincare line – Lucim.    
Sugaring has become the new favourite hair removal method of choice for many who have tried it and seen the skin benefits and long term results. Sugaring is an organic and natural product care line that is very safe and skin friendly for even the most sensitive skin types. You can treat any area of
When you can’t have the facial in salon, have the facial at the comfort of your own home and get salon results for your skin! Our Facial Home Kits are perfect if you are experiencing changes to your skin, if it feels particularly dull, extra dry, sensitive, or if you want to tackle anti-ageing issues
Acne is probably one of the most debilitating, niggling annoyance a large amount of people can face at specific stages of their lives. It can affect men, women, boys and girls during teenage years and right into adulthood. My acne story and what I did to clear up my skin I suffered with hormonal acne
With the consistent evolving changes in the skincare industry, I am always on the lookout for a product that exceeds another. What makes a product stand out over another range? What changes do I need to make to exceed the results I’m looking for?     It goes without saying – in order to get the
We are very excited and proud to introduce you to the brand new and exclusive Centella Skincare range. Centella is 100% organic, chemical & toxic free, vegan and cruelty free skincare suitable for all skin types and concerns.     What is Centella?  Centella Asiatica is a natural medicinal herb native to Asia, Australia, Madagascar
Sugaring hair removal has taken the world by storm thanks to its all natural formula and amazing benefits for the skin. White Willow is working with Alexandria Professional body sugaring product range which is 100% organic, and made from only three natural ingredients – sugar, lemon juice and water.  The paste is environmentally-friendly, there are no chemical additives, no