Try one of our blissful Autumn Warmers to give your skin a rejuvenating post-summer glow and indulge in a well deserved, warming massage to unwind, relax and ease away any pains and aches.
You are invited to a health, wellness and beauty event at White Willow Natural Skincare Clinic this November! We will talk all about skin, health and your interests. Why not bring a friend along!
Massage has become more of a necessity than a luxury. It is vital that we create a healthier lifestyle and become aware of what our body needs every day.
Learn how to tone, lift and contour the muscles in your face to improve your complexion and add glow to your skin for a more sculpted look.
Summer Wellness Retreat Packages: to de-stress, indulge and restore your body, mind and soul through a whole body experience and well deserved, soothing self-care time.
Treat yourself to pampering Pre-Summer Specials at White Willow this May! Get summer ready and make sure you feel and look your best for those beautiful, sunny summer days that are on the way!
It was my pleasure to be invited for a chat with Jillian Godsil at 103.2 Dublin City FM on 11th April. We talked a lot about White Willow, natural skincare and the importance of wellbeing in our lives. Click here to listen!


Mother’s day Specials – Make Mother’s day truly special for your Mum, and fill the day with love, joy and laughter! Celebrate your Mum and treat her with well deserved pampering and relaxation time on her special day!
Let spring bloom on your skin and enjoy a selection of our pampering skincare and wellness treatments that will reveal your naturally healthy and radiant look, and boost your wellbeing.
We are delighted to introduce you to White Willow Membership programmes and courses. These are designed to allow you to enjoy all your favourite plant based, organic and cruelty free beauty and wellness treatments, and save money.